"I Make Medicare Easy & Help Save You Cash!"

Peter Palmiotto
CA License #0H48491

Schedule A Call

Because of my busy schedule, I have developed a system to educate and enroll members over the phone and by sharing my computer's screen- it's fast, simple and much more time efficient than face-to-face meetings.

I find setting a firm appointment to speak with me works best for both parties.  Simply click on "Schedule A Call", pick your day and time, and I'll call you.  You will receive a reminder email about five hours prior to our scheduled call.  Just because you schedule a call, it doesn't mean you are obligated to buy anything, and I don't pressure anyone.

All my services are free. 

How I Save You Cash

Since 2011 I've been helping Medicare eligible people select the perfect insurance plan while saving them money.  So how is it that I can save you money vs another insurance agent?

  • I'M A BROKER - I am independent and I only answer to my clients. I don't have a boss, and I have access to virtually every plan in the state, allowing me to scour the market for the best rates. I shop, you save.
  • NO BROKER FEES - Since I'm independent, I am restricted by law from charging broker fees. You don't pay a dime over the true cost of the plans you select.
  • I KNOW THE RULES - Medicare has 100's of rules, if you don't know and follow them, you're likely to incur penalties. Unlike other "agents" that may sell different types of insurance products, Medicare is the only insurance product that I sell, it's my specialty, so I know it inside and out.  Medicare isn't something anyone should "dabble" in, that's a recipe for disaster.
  • NO UNDERCUTTING - I never want to be "undercut" in price by another broker, so I will always offer you the best valued plan, so that no other broker can offer you a better rate through a different company.  If you already have the best rate, you're probably not going to use anyone else.
  • NO INCENTIVES - Since I don't work for any particular company, I don't participate in any specific insurance company incentives (like trips to Mexico, cruises or cash bonuses). My compensation is the same no matter which company you select, so I'm not biased as to what I may ​offer you (which company you choose to buy from doesn't affect my pocket book - I'm paid the same flat rate).
  • BIRTHDAY REMINDERS - I'll send you a birthday postcard reminder each year, reminding you to contact me for a quote update. Often times when we age, the insurance companies may bump your rate up slightly, it's always good practice to get a quote once every year.  
  • Rx AUTHORIZED - Unlike most agents, I am certified and authorized to sell Medicare Part D prescription Drug plans (PDP). By allowing me to handle your Rx plan as well, I will save you time, money and the agony of selecting the wrong plan on your own, or missing important deadlines.